Sunday, March 12, 2006

Finding Creative Ways to Clear Writer’s Block—Part 1

I think I can say that every writer at some time experiences writer’s block. It’s that time when our writers’ brains seem to shut down and refuse to work. You may experience it frequently, or almost never. Still, it’s a problem every writer faces at some point. Because it causes so many problems so often, it takes some creativity to conquer it…or at least work around it.

One of the most difficult steps to take during writer’s block is also the best—sit down and write.

To get through writer’s block, some authors advocate free writing. Free writing is the process of putting pen (or pencil) to paper and writing anything that comes into your head. The idea is that, after some time, what you write will begin to turn into something useful. I can’t vouch for this method because I’ve never used it myself. However, it works for many writers, and it may work for you.

A related method used to clear writer’s block is to take whatever project you’re working on and start writing, writer’s block or not. After a few pages, the process should begin to flow. Your writer’s block will be broken. Of course, you’ll probably end up trashing those first few pages, but at least you’re back to writing.

We’ll talk about more methods to break writer’s block in a future post.

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