Friday, September 01, 2006

Creative Writing: Get Creative with Marketing by Giving More

Here's a little something on the marketing side:

On Writing: Give More
By Pamela White

My husband and I took a weekend trip to do some holiday gift shopping. After dinner we stopped at a supermarket to pick up munchies and sodas. As we were checking out, Jason, the cashier, asked us if we had the store's value card which offered deeper discounts on some items. We said no and that we were just tourists in town for the weekend.

Checking over our items, Jason saw that two were eligible for the discount. He immediately pulled out the manager's value card and used it to let us in on the deals. Furthermore, he told us how he does this for all the tourists because he wants everyone to feel at home!

We loved his attitude. Who wouldn't love getting more than they expect?

When you write for editors, do you meet their expectations? Why not go beyond that and give more than they expect? How can you go beyond an editor's expectations? Well…

- Submit your work before deadlines. Editors don't always build in extra time with their deadlines so imagine the happiness felt ‘round the magazine office when your article arrives one week early. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but beating deadlines will build you an honorable reputation.

- Offer more. That column on cooking you pitched to your local newspaper feature editor: Did you remember to offer photos of the fabulous dishes you will cook? Or did you mention that you would be happy to do extra articles covering food-related competitions, fundraisers and new businesses as they arise? (Offering more, however, doesn't mean more for less money. Get paid for all your work.)

- Share your enthusiasm to be part of the team. When you are networking with book publishers, be sure to show your marketing savvy and talk about your enthusiasm for book signings, public speaking and cooking demonstrations. Let them know what a well-rounded writer you are and how hard you will work to sell those books!

- Don't forget the niceties. Remember editors you've worked with throughout the year by sending a holiday card, fruit basket, gourmet chocolates or an invitation for coffee and pastries on you. Invite your writing buddies and networking pals to a holiday tea or cookie exchange to show your appreciation for their support all year long.

You get the idea – see if you can't add a little something to all your writing efforts and see how great your success will be.

About the Author: Pamela White is the author of over 600 articles in print and online, and publishes The Writing Parent ( and Food Writing (, two free ezines that focus on different writing niches. Subscribe at the websites.

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