Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday, Monday

This post will involve some rambling. I'm never at my best on Monday mornings, and this one is especially cheerful so far.

I vaguely remember my husband chuckling as he kissed me goodbye this morning...something about Baby M having taken off her diaper in her crib. Well, yes she did. When she cried to be picked up this morning, there was a special urgency to the sound. I soon found out why. Her diaper was off, her blankets and sheet were wet, and she had urine on her nightgown and herself. Lovely!

I put her in the tub and asked my mom to watch her while I stripped the crib. (Since she's nearly 21 months she doesn't need constant supervision, only frequent checking.) From upstairs, I heard a commotion and frantic crying. Oh no! I thought. She's fallen! She's tried to climb out of the tub and fallen and cracked her head open! I'm such a horrible mother!

Once downstairs, I found Mom holding Baby M, who was wrapped in a towel and still crying as if her life was ending. No sign of a split-open head. Turns out, my mother walked in to check on her and found both Baby M and Missy (the cat) in the tub. Whether the cat fell or was pulled, we don't know. Missy, of course, was scrambling to get out. In the process, she sliced one of M's feet with a claw. Between the scare and the scratch, Baby M thought she'd been had.

That was all about an hour ago. M finished her bath, and both Missy and Baby M are now dry. Mom and I put salve on M's foot, and she seems no worse for wear. I'm exhausted....and my day has only started!

To make this post at least partly about writing, here's an update. Okay, so I finished the rough draft stage of my client's novel. Yay for me! I'm now waiting on word from him to see if he wants me to do a final edit or if he thinks it needs more construction. My opinion is that it needs more construction, but he's the man with the money and I have plenty of other projects to work on, so I'm not pushing.

The self-imposed deadline for the e-book my husband and I are writing has blown past as of midnight last night. The really awful news, of course, is that the book isn't done. The good news is that I met my deadline plus some! Yes, I finished my allotted sections and took some off his hands. That makes me feel good, even if the overall deadline-blowing doesn't. It's obvious Melo wasn't in journalism class when my professor explained deadlines. Put succinctly, "Cross this line, and you're dead."

Can't be too hard on the my husband, though. He is working 40 hours a week, plus gelato, plus writing. On the other hand, I changed urine-filled sheets this morning...what is a fair trade-off, really?

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