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Flowing with Creative inspiration

Creative Inspiration For The Everyday Writer
By Roslyn Randle

Have you ever been a person who has had trouble starting a writing project or keeping with the lines of thought that first inspired you to write? You are not alone. Writing can be a difficult task to undertake for the writer who has trouble becoming inspired or staying inspired. There is much to think about when writing; such as capturing and keeping the attention of the audience by developing a good story. Effectively translating striking images with words into the minds of readers can take its toll on writers who indulge in too many distractions. It's easy for writers to fall into the traps of distractions. Those distractions usually produce with it babbling, lack of cohesiveness, and fleeting narratives.

Writers, as with all artists hinge the success of their livelihood on being able to flow creatively from inspiration. Because inspiration is the key to success for the writer, here are a few helpful tips that can begin to spark the imagination to the wondrous world of the mind.

Tip 1: Be observant to the senses by Journaling

By keeping a journal or diary, the writer can begin to record those sudden bursts of inspiration that come during a day. Perhaps a scent or fragrance may spark and imagination or the writer may physically and literally walk into a situation by taking walks or jogs. And speaking of walks and jogs.....

Tip 2: Keep a small recorder, if possible while taking....

Tip 3: Nature Walks

Walking meditation is a powerful way for inspiration to flow. And while you're walking, you can talk and record those moments of inspiration. There are various types of meditation; and your time spent thinking or looking within does not have to be closed up in a room with candles or in a relaxed lotus position, although it does help to incorporate a routine of.....

Tip 4: Yoga

Or some type of exercise that caters to uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit. Mental and physical practices of this type can clear the clutter of the mind. Yoga, Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, are wonderful examples of practices that will relax and inspire.

Tip 5: Create Your Space

Take inventory of your current space. Our environment usually tells us what is going on with our lives. If our space is cluttered, our life is usually screaming disorder. By creating a harmonic environment, one can begin a journey of self-discovery. Look at your environment. Listen to your space. It will speak to you. You can begin to create your space by....

Tip 6: Setting the Mood with Scents and Objects

Quite simply, you have to feel good to produce goodness. Scents, fragrances, perfumes, incenses and beautifully looking objects will begin to inspire and bring out your best creatively. And since you're going to be incorporating scents and looking at beautiful things, don't forget about....

Tip 7: The Inspiration Of Clothing

Pilar Audain Reed, a beautifully gifted designer and owner of the chic Chicago boutique Kreative Souls by Pilar, was a vision built on complete faith and courage. This artist uses her designs of jewelry and clothing to allow the Source of Creation to inspire wonder- filled designs and accessories. She was quoted as saying:

"...Since I can remember, I have always looked for that one "spot" that had the cool stuff I could wear that allowed "me" to be "me," know what I mean? It wasn't at the mall. It wasn't at the local clothing stores. For the most part, it was either in my mother's "old stuff" or my nana's jewelry box. The outer body houses the inner soul, so for me the things that I adorn my body with must be expressive and free, because I am expressive and free-spirited. The body has to "breathe" because the soul has to breathe. As long as my creative juices are flowing, so will the cool stuff I am able to create."

As so it is for the writer. Be inspired by the clothing you wear. Be inspired by the objects you surround yourself with. And finally be inspired by life. Allow life to flow. Allow inspiration to flow freely from you with the adornment of jewels and precious stones. Let the beauty of your environment uplift you to heights that you've never experience; and then write. And most importantly, relax into your gift and create.

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