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Writing Passionate Articles

Ken Nelson brings some good points about using passion in writing. I'm not sure what he intends with his "Write Truthfully" section--I can't think of many articles with room for profanity, for instance--but the point is still well taken.

Writing Passionately
By Ken Nelson

Let’s be honest – nobody wants to read a dull article. And there are plenty of them floating around! The truth is, we all have too much on our plate as it is, and if you want to get our attention, you’d better give us a good reason to listen to what you have to say. People will listen to those who are passionate about whatever it is they’re discussing. So, how do you convey that passion in your writing? Here are three good tips:

Be Passionate About Your Subject

Okay, right now many of you are saying, “Duh! How stupid is that? To write passionately, be passionate? Please step forward and receive your Certificate of Redundancy Certificate.” Ah, but not so fast my friend! In this day of internet marketing too many people are writing articles about whatever they think will make them money. Even if they don’t care a thing about Bavarian milk bottles, they will write article after article about them if they’re convinced there’s a niche market in there somewhere.

Find a topic that grips you – a topic that you can sink your teeth into and write about with fervor. Follow supposed trends and you’ll get bored and frustrated. Follow your passion and the money will come.

Write Quickly

Once you’ve found that gripping topic, sit down and pour yourself out onto the keyboard. Start venting on paper! Use plenty of exclamation marks! Don’t worry about editing the first draft – just tell it like it is! You can go back and fix the wording and the spelling and the grammar on the rewrites, but for the first draft let it fly! Writing quickly gives your prose a sense of breathlessness that will leave your reader gasping as well.

Some people like to disable the automatic correcting function on their word processor. Those squiggly green or red lines can distract you from your primary purpose of writing.

Write Truthfully

Telling the truth means not pulling any punches. You can’t write compelling articles if you’re constantly wondering what your mom or grandmother (or spouse or children, for that matter) will think about what you’re saying. Don’t be needlessly offensive, but don’t allow yourself to be silenced by the social proclivities of others either.

If you will follow these three simple but powerful tips, you will take a dull, insipid article and infuse it with infectious life!

Ken Nelson is a freelance writer and cartoonist. He markets his unique brand of humor at the Flogwear site where anybody can purchase t-shirts, mugs, aprons, calendars, and many other items printed with his cartoons and writings.

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