Thursday, January 07, 2010


This has been a lost week. Right now I'm surrounded not only by my own 19-month-old (who, yes, has the ability to surround me all by herself), but also by my brother's 3- and 5-year-olds, who are here while their mother recuperates after the birth of their younger brother. I thought my daughter created mayhem; I now vainly wish for that level of noise and distraction. It sounds like a peaceful oasis compared to the sound of three toddlers running in circles pulling two chatterbox phones and a pushing a stroller. It doesn't help that the weather is below freezing and foggy, so I can't usher them out the door and lock it behind them.

I've accomplished no writing this week. As I said...a lost week. I'm used to blocking out a certain level of distraction--phones and conversations in an office, the subdued clatter of a Starbucks or B&N, even the sound of heavy machinery--but I have no idea how to focus with this whirlwind around me. It seems the only time to accomplish anything is when the monsters--uh, I mean children--are asleep...but how to cope when their naptimes and bedtimes leave me looking for my own pillow? So far, Writer Mama offers no clues. I tell myself I've worked 8-12 hours a day before, that I've had experience soldiering on without a two-hour naptime. It doesn't help. That pillow and blanket, in the peaceful serenity of a briefly quiet bedroom, is too tempting.

Focus, I tell myself. Exert self-control. Unfortunately, such self-talk doesn't work any better in this instance than it does with chocolate brownies.

I know I'm not the only mother attempting this. Any helpful suggestions?


Christina Katz said...

If you try to arrange to work during your most productive times of day, you'll get more done and be more focused. I believe that's in the book. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Thanks for your comments. It's great to have a celebrity of sorts (as well as a fellow Oregonian) comment on my blog! I think I'll find dealing with my own daughter much easier after dealing with three toddlers for a week.