Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Sale!

Time for a shameless plug. Lulu.com is letting us have a sale on our book!

Now through the end of March, purchase Creative Marriage Proposals and enter IDES when you check out to get 10% off.

Don't wait...this sale really does end soon!

Wondering what you'll get? Here's a snippet from our Holiday & Seasonal Proposal section.

Ice Skating

Rockefeller Center or the frozen pond out back…gliding across the ice with the love of your life is romance incarnate. The best part is, you don’t have to be an Olympic caliber skater for this proposal to work. Whether you’re Fred Astair on ice or skate best on your butt, you’ll be able to sweep your girl off her feet with this breathtaking setting.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An ice-skating rink, indoor or out, public or private
  • Ice skates for both of you (make sure you know her shoe size!), or assurance of available skate rentals
  • A thermos of hot cocoa or coffee if there’s not a coffee shop nearby
  • Extra hat, gloves, scarf and even jacket for her, just in case
  • A blanket, in case you need to huddle together for warmth

To do this properly, surprise her with the idea of an ice-skating date. You can show up on her doorstep, skates in hand, or mention it when you just “happen” to be near a viable piece of ice. Either way, get her there. If she’s not a good skater, you may have to beg or cajole. If she’s not dressed warmly enough, you’re prepared for that! Just make sure she knows it’s not her skill on the ice that matters; it’s your desire to be with her and hold her hand.

Of course, your own skating skill may play some part. If you have talent on the ice, it won’t be a problem to turn and kneel without falling over. If you can’t manage that, well…pull her down with you and opt for a less conventional proposal pose. We really don’t think she’ll care.

Celebrate your engagement with a cup of hot cocoa or an extra-hot latte.

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