Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Our Book

I've dropped hints over the past couple of months that my husband and I are collaborating on an e-book. Yes, I've spoken about my progress and my frustrations, if not my hopes and fears. Well, it's done! I posted a more-or-less finished project on lulu.com yesterday, and Creative Marriage Proposals is now available to order in its print version or as a download. What's it about?

When the time comes to pop the question to that special someone, you want to do it up right...but how? With panache, of course! This book of creative proposals provides all the ideas you'll ever need, along with helpful tips and a healthy dose of humor. So don't stress about coming up with that perfect proposal...we've done it for you."

I'm excited to have this book finally online. More than anything, it's gives me a sense of completion and progress...and do I need progress right now! If you'd like to check it out--and maybe buy it for yourself--here's the info.

Creative Marriage Proposals: How to Pop the Question...with Panache!
ISBN-13: 978-0-557-34713-1
Lulu.com ID #8429324
Paperback $15.29
Download $7.95

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