Thursday, February 03, 2011

MFA Confidential -- Snowpocalypse

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Time flies when you're busy and harassed by a two-year-old. I've found lots of good blogs going through my reader today, and may post more later. To start with, though, here's a real gem from Jessie Morrison in Chicago.

Writer's Digest blog - MFA Confidential

As a writer born and raised in rural Eastern Oregon, I identify with the photographer from Idaho. When you're surrounded by nature, you don't view it the same way as someone in the city does. You don't take it for granted; that's not what I mean. It's always there, a part of your internal makeup rather than something to be documented from an outside perspective.

Yet, perhaps Jessie Morrison's reminder for city folk does apply to us ruralites as well. We all need the occasional reminder of nature's power. We all need to take a perspective check once in a while. And, yes, a snowstorm is perfect writing weather.

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