Friday, February 25, 2011

Ramblings, Reflections and a Blog Roundup -- 2/25/11

I'm way behind on my blog reading, so the following are a mere sampling of the many great posts that have come out over the past week. Even today, it's difficult to tear myself from the snowy vista outside and focus on...anything. (Yes, I did get outside to play in the snow with my two-year-old. Chilly heaven!) Hopefully, I'm not posting what you've already read. Enjoy!

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This post by Rachelle Gardner may not offer much comfort for people who--like myself--are beset by self-doubt and lack of assurance. It's good to be reminded occasionally, though, that it may not be about you. Publishing is competitive. Even a good book can be beaten out by a better one.

The Talent Here Is Ridiculous

Here's a break from the usual writing and publishing advice: the physical effects of writing, brought to us from Write It Sideways.

Protect Yourself from Writing's Physical Hazards

Rafael Yglesias' guest post on There Are No Rules blows away what writers have been told about cliches...and a few other truisms.

Cliche's for Aspiring Writers

Nathan Bransford weighs in on what the future could look like for bookstores, now that a big contender like Borders faces bankruptcy.

Do Record Stores Point the Way of the Future for Bookstores?

I don't necessarily agree with Natalie Fischer's hatred of prologues but, hey, she is an agent. Maybe we should listen to her.

Why I Hate Prologues

Whether you're a tech geek or are simply looking for a better way to get organized (and who isn't?), you might like Michael Hyatt's take on the Evernote software.

A Better Filing System for Public Speakers (and Writers)

Happy Friday and happy writing!

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