Friday, January 14, 2011

Any Comments from the Peanut Gallery?

I’ve been blogging for several years. It’s only as I’ve gotten increasingly serious about my freelance writing career, though, that I’ve started studiously following other writer’s blogs. In the process, I’ve discovered a few things about blog comments.

First, bloggers notice comments. I know I do. I suppose that most small-time bloggers like myself are thrilled if someone simply comments, regardless of what they say. Bigger, busier bloggers notice, too. They notice who comments, how often they comment, and the value of their comments. They see and they remember. When they remember, it can sometimes produce good returns for savvy commentators.

Second, there are savvy and not-so-savvy ways to comment. Nathan Bransford recently blogged on the art of commenting, including advice on placement, strategy and content. Yes, if you want to get noticed in a positive way, there’s a correct way to comment.

Third, you can glean wisdom from comments. When I read a compelling post--say one that has 50 to 100 comments on it--I can’t help reading through the comments. Chances are, I’ll glean bits of wisdom that stretch far past whatever blurb the author originally wrote. It widens my horizons and, sometimes, also lets me know I’m not alone in my thoughts.

Hopefully I wasn’t the last one to board this particular train. I would like to think this topic is a fresh and interesting for you as it was to me. All I can say is…any comments?

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