Monday, January 24, 2011

“But It Was Research, Agent Smith!”

A few days ago, on her blog, MFA Confidential, Jessie Morrison brought up the topic of weird Google searches. It wasn’t a new idea to me. I’ve frequently suspected that if the government really is monitoring the Internet, I’d have a S.W.A.T team showing up at my door any day now. In the course of our research, writers need to find details for the strangest things. Some of mine include:

  • C-4
  • handguns
  • automatic weapons
  • Chicago street map
  • the Congo
  • Laos
  • common Swahili phrases
  • medical marijuana laws in Oregon
  • Swedish surnames

Definite cause for government paranoia there. Hopefully, showing a judge manuscripts and story outlines would get me off the hook in a trial.

You can visit MFA Confidential for Jessie’s list of her own weird searches, which include yurts, popular gymnasts of the 1988 Olympics and Judas steers. You can also see what other commenters might post. Meanwhile, feel free to share some of your own weird searches here!

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T. L. Cooper said...

Part of the fun of being a writer is getting to research anything one finds interesting! And, I'm sure my internet searches would arouse suspicion if anyone was paying attention. Some of my topics have included building structures, the layouts of state parks, knife wounds, terrorism, the PATRIOT Act, torture, weapons and planes.
Oh, well, I guess there are certain risks in everything even writing...