Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Update -- 3/28/11

After suffering a major relapse last Wednesday, I again find myself pulling my hair out over how little I accomplished and how far behind I am. I was so ill last week, I simply forgot about the writer's group on Tuesday. They probably don't expect to see me again.

Here's what else I haven't done; I haven't:

  • Trimmed my short romance to Woman's World requirements,
  • Written the Shadowland post for my last deadline (with another deadline coming at me on Wednesday),
  • Marketed any of the tips or fillers I have lying around,
  • Written outlines or drafts for miscellaneous ideas,
  • Done anything with my children's books,
  • Worked on my NIP,
  • Journaled, or
  • Much else.

I did take a bit of a plunge last Friday. Thursday, I opened our local paper (a weekly that comes out on Wednesdays). I scanned all 6 pages and, for the first time in months, looked at the help wanted ads. That same paper, the Gazette-Times, is currently looking for a part-time news editor.

I wasn't on the hunt for a job. I wasn't consciously seeking an opportunity. But...part time? Two days a week? News editor? I dropped off my resume on Friday.

I haven't heard back one way or the other yet. It has only been three days. I imagine that, even in a town of 1,300, there's some stiff competition. I'm praying though, and have all fingers and toes crossed.

In some ways I feel like this may be a sign of insanity. After all, I purposely try to work from home in order to raise my daughter myself (versus having a daycare do it). I don't feel I need more on my plate right now; I'm busy enough.

In other ways, I feel I'm going to seed. This job, if gotten, could be what I need to give me back a bit of my edge. Besides, we need the money.

So, there's my situation for the week. How's everyone else doing this last Monday in March?


Laura M. Campbell said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the part-time editing position.

You and me both need to pump the brakes. Deep breath in, let it out slow. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to accomplish a zillion things in a week, and end up discouraged when I fail to meet those expectations.

Working on one thing at a time, starting with the project with the earliest deadline is a good start. Cutting your To Do List down to the most important things, perhaps, projects that are going to bring in the money.

Just remember, you are bringing up your child (full-time position) and writing (another full-time position). Getting a job outside of the house could draw attention from the other jobs. And don't forget to let yourself know you're doing a great job!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the pep talk, Laura (and for your faithfulness as my one and only regular commenter!).

I did think that I might be pulling myself in too many directions. However, in a perverse way, I feel taking this job will actually give me better will allow me to keep skills honed and force me to value the rest of my time more.

And, yes, I got the job. I start next Monday. I'll let you know how it goes!

Laura M. Campbell said...

That's wonderful! Congrats! Well, I know you will be able to handle anything you face with such strong family support.