Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ramblings, Reflections and a Blog Roundup -- 3/18/11

Happy St. Patrick's Day/Erin go bragh! (one day late) and Viva San Giuseppe! (one day early). Yes, two saints' days right in a row...and both celebrated by my family in honor of my part-Irish heritage and my husbands mostly-Sicilian background. It's interested when beer, corned beef and cabbage meet wine, pasta and sardines. In this melting post that is the U.S. of A., though, sometimes traditions get meshed in the most interesting ways! (But no, we don't usually have all that on the same day. Gross.)

Okay, enough of the rambling part. On to the week's interesting blogs. Here they are:

Do you favor long blocks of text or lots of white space? Check out the nuances of empty space at Write It Sideways.

How and When to Use White Space In Writing

I've been trying to unplug more lately, but sometimes a piece of technology makes me say, "Wow, that's cool." That's what happened when I found out about the new iPhone app, Broadcastr. Jane Friedman shares a bit about it over at There Are No Rules. True, I have no access to the app, since I don't have one of them new-fangled phones. Still, it's cool. What do you amazing new tool for writers or, as my mom says, "Too much technology"?

Share Your Stories Using Broadcastr

Rachelle Gardner has not one, but several posts bursting the myths writers believe about agents and publishing. Short and to the point, they're worth checking out if you're new to the publishing arena. Here's the link to the most recent:

Myth Busting -- Our 3rd and Final Day

Mary over at has an interesting post on using the first-person POV with a narrative that's more third-person appropriate. Don't know what that means? Neither did I. Her post makes a lot of sense, though, and makes me want to take another look at the narrative in my first-person POV WIP.

Third Person-Style Narration in First Person

Are you thinking about self-publishing--or already have--and wondering how that would affect your chances of getting published in the world of agents and the big 6 houses? Jessica at BookEnds, LLC addresses a reader question on that topic in one of her most recent posts.

From Self-Pubbed to Contract

I've been struggling whether to gear a certain story idea toward adult or YA. That's why I found this post at Adventures in Agentland so helpful. It's actually about voice, not POV. Check out the full post at:

YA vs. Adult: what's so different, anyway?

As a spot of inspiration, here's Michael Hyatt's perspective on how to face adversity...not to ask "Why did this happen?" but "How can this make us better?" See some other questions Michael Hyatt offers to reframe a negative situation.

Seven Better Questions You Can Ask in the Midst of Adversity

Finally, I'll share a post from Laura Campbell at Writing Unleashed. Why? Because I identify. Laura details her recent experience with ending up in the writing ditch and then getting back on the road. Anyone here who can't relate? I didn't think so.

Getting Back to My Writing

There are plenty more great posts out there, but I'm going into Google Reader overload. So, until next week, happy Friday and happy writing!


Laura Campbell said...

Once again, thank you for mentioning my blog.

Third-person narration in First-person was an interesting article. I'm currently debating POV with my WIP. I wrote the first draft in third-person, but I'm thinking of changing it to first-person, multiple. No decisions until I've completed a read through.

Andrea said...

I think that was my personal favorite, though I also liked the post about YA versus adult. I've never struggled with POV personally--some stories just scream "first person!"--but I do wonder now whether I make my first-person too much like a third-person narrative. Time for some read throughs!

Thanks for posting!