Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Update 3/7/11

I have bandwidth issues.

We have satellite Internet, and that means that we have a limited amount of bandwidth we can use each month. When we get near our limit, they shut us off. No overage charges. No rollover. Just Internet silence until our bandwidth allotment builds back up. The other day, my father informed me that we were entering the danger zone. So, if I go silent for a few days, it means we've used up our Internet for the month and I haven't made it to the library.

The joys of rural life are many. Internet service isn't one of them.

Otherwise, I have good and indifferent news this week.

I attended my first meeting of the Heppner writers' group last Tuesday. It also turned out to be their first meeting. It lasted two hours but turned into more of a chitchat session than a serious discussion. There was no critique, though the possibility is open for critiques in the future, when members feel more comfortable. I'll be skipping the meeting this week, not because I've given up this quickly but because I have a hectic schedule over the next four days. I do hope, though, that the group turns into something more productive in the near future.

On the up side, I didn't know all that when I prepared for the meeting last Tuesday. Anxious to have something of my own to critique, I finished the short story I'd started the previous Saturday and gave it a quick brush-up. It's still in rough form, but the first part is done. Now it's all refinement. Then then the hard Since I wrote the story with a specific publication in mind, I'm hoping that might turn out to be the easy part this time!

That's it for this week. Happy Monday and happy writing!

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