Friday, March 04, 2011

Ramblings, Reflections and a Blog Roundup -- 3/4/11

I'm behind on my blog reading. Yes, again. Speed reading through 100 miscellaneous posts isn't the best atmosphere for producing a meaningful blog roundup. I've done my best, though, and I hope you enjoy the results.

First up is Nathan Bransford's take on the author Facebook account. I included his post because I've been thinking about whether I should split my writing life from my personal life on Facebook. My main motivation, honestly, is that I don't want to reach a point where I have total strangers viewing my daughter's pictures. When I think of maintaining three, or even four, accounts, though, I start feeling lazy. Then I convince myself that I'm already overworked, and I put it off some more. What do you think?

Facebook for Authors - How to Get Started

Over the past couple of months, I've become a certified manuscript hoarder. That's why Rachelle Gardner's post, "Cant Hit Send?" hit home with me. Can you identify?

Can't Hit Send?

Here's one I missed from several days ago: T.L. Cooper talks about slow walking to an epiphany versus the blunt approach. Most of us have been there, wanting to jump to the point but knowing the point is best made by letting the other person see it for himself. See how it applies to life as well as writing.

Epiphanies & Storytelling: The Slow Walk Or The Blunt Approach

Okay, most of us know better than to tell an agent or editor that our mother or best friend or child loved our story. But what about an actual focus group? Mary Tackles that question with brutal but helpful honesty on

Focus Groups and Teens Opinions

And this post by Fun Mama...well, it's just interesting. Or not. You decide.

Edible Wild Plants -- A Few Resources

Happy Friday and good writing!

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