Friday, March 25, 2011

Ramblings, Reflections and a Blog Roundup -- 3/25/11

I can't believe it's Friday. I imagine I'm not alone in that thought.

It seems strange to me to think in those terms since I don't have a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 kind of job. Being a mom is more like a 24/7 job, while trying to squeeze everything else in around the edges. Still, years of dealing with a 9-5 environment has left me with the continuing urge to measure weeks in five-day units. So, another week has passed.

I suffered a relapse of the cold I thought I was beating. So, not much got done besides the basics. By the basics, I mean feeding and clothing my family (barely) and...well, that's pretty much it.

Enough about my life. That can all be said in my Monday update. Here's what I found in my Google Reader this week.

A question about the use of real place names turns into an answer about not giving into distractions on Rachelle Gardner's blog.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

On the same blog, guest blogger Mary Demuth weighs in on 7 Ways to Be a Professional. Since this is something I work hard at (yes, despite apparent flaws), I thought it worth including in this roundup.

7 Ways to Be a Professional

We've all heard the slogan, "Write what you know." What if you want to write about a place you've never been? Write It Sideways has a great post on the topic, complete with pros, cons and helpful advice.

7 Tips for Writing About Places You’ve Never Been

When I first started reading Mary's post at, I thought, "Yeah, I've heard this before." But her post on matching detail and syntax to content turned out to be insightful and worth the read, even if you simply consider it a reminder.

Mimetic Writing

T.L. Cooper has an interesting post on priorities and the workaholic in her over at Write with TLC.

The Workaholic in Me

This last one has nothing to do with writing. As a frustrated travel addict, though, I enjoy reading Ryan's posts on his thoughts. It doesn't hurt that he's an old college friend. Anyway, this post from The Savvy Traveler was well-written and worth the read. And maybe it does apply to writing, if you bend your mind enough.

What's the Nature of Your Travel Addiction?

That should be enough to keep us all busy. I continue to battle a cold, so I know I missed tons of great posts this week. My apologies to the authors of those posts; I'll catch you on the next go-around! Till then, happy Friday and happy writing.

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