Thursday, April 14, 2011

Connections -- Part 3

Sorry I've missed almost two weeks on this blog. Part of that involves general busy-ness and part is due to a very sick toddler. I'll try to get out an update this coming Monday but, for now, here's the next installment of my "Connections" series.

Connections in Our Lives

Whether we choose to acknowledge our connections, we all have them. We have family, friends, coworkers, activities, or events that have touched us. Our lives are suspended in a series of relationships and interactions. Some are good and some are bad, but they all work together to form the reality we inhabit. It may sound egocentric to say it, but we all sit at the center of our own web of connections, the associations that tie us to the world.

We often don’t realize they’re there until we start looking for those lines of gentle tension that tie us to others. They are felt but not often seen. They are silk-thin but strong as steel. With enough work, we can sometimes sever connections. Like any good spider web, once broken they cannot be repaired; they can only be re-spun over time.

Most of all, we cannot live without connections. Some people might think they do. A sense of isolation may make those glistening threads invisible to us. If anything, though, they are negative connections that still bind us, sometimes adversely. They may be connections of pain, abuse or abandonment. Those are connections that are better off being severed and, if possible, re-spun in a different way.

No matter how painful our connections, though, we never exist in a void. A life truly without connections would be humanity misfired, a terrible aberration of what we are meant to be. Because we are meant to be connected.

Next week: Connections in Writing.

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