Friday, April 01, 2011

Ramblings, Reflections and a Blog Roundup -- 4/2/11

Again, Friday has come too quickly. That's my reflection for the week. So, let's dive in.

I love this post by Mary over at It's funny, hard-hitting and inspirational... everything I needed for a swift kick in the pants Monday morning. Check it out and see if it affects you the same way.

Creative Confidence

Mary Glickman writes a guest post for the Guide to Literary Agents "How I Got My Agent" feature. Her tale of enduring 40 years of rejection before landing her first deal on her 7th novel... well it's inspiring, and makes my whining seem pretty insignificant.

How I Got My Agent -- Mary Glickman

Rachelle Gardner had a couple of wonderful posts on what a fiction editor looks for. They are not the posts I chose for this roundup. Instead, I honed in on a topic with which I can relate, the "quick no." If you've ever been discouraged about how quickly agents and editors say no--but how slowly they say yes--you may want to check it out.

Why "No" Comes Quickly...But "Yes" Seems to Take Forever

My husband and I self-published a book, but the sales have been... Well, let's not talk numbers. That's why Joel Friedlander's post on getting book reviews for self-published books caught my eye. Maybe it will catch yours, too.

How to Get Reviews for Self-Published Books

Write with TLC has some beautiful insights into the power of words, as well as what happens when words and actions don't match. Of course, she also does an excellent job of applying that lesson to the writing life!

Beautiful Words Seduce, But Actions Commit

Finally, Michael Hyatt gives some tips for dealing with something every writer has experienced. Yes, he has 24 methods for getting out of a "funk."

24 Hacks for Getting Out of Your Funk

Happy Friday and happy writing!

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