Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Update -- 4/18/11

It's amazing how much two days can screw up an established schedule.

I had my first week of work at the newspaper two weeks ago. My trainer, Autumn, was great. She was patient and thorough. I still left week one with feelings of panic, as if I'd definitely bitten off more than I can chew.

I think I already posted my to-do list for the rest of that week. Wednesday--dentist. Thursday--ultrasound and five-hours of errand running. Friday I took a break to spend some time with my daughter, who hadn't been feeling well. That left me Saturday to be productive and "Git 'er done."

Saturday at 3:30 AM, Baby M woke with an ear infection.

It caught us off guard, without even the basics like children's Tylenol. Living in a small town, we had to wait until the grocery store opened at 7 in order to get Tylenol and OTC drops. Too bad they didn't work. Of course it happened on a Saturday; that meant a trip to the ER later that morning. That got it straightened out and Baby M on the road to recovery. It also left my husband and I feeling like we'd been used to wipe the floors.

Sunday was calm, a church and TV day, with Baby M recovering but still acting the part of a clinging vine.

Last Monday and Tuesday saw my second week of training at the paper. I left those days feeling nervous about taking over the job on my own. Absolute panic abated, though, and I feel confident I can do this with minimal screw-ups.

Wednesday saw the three of us (hubby, daughter and myself) on an all-day shopping trip. Looking back, it was a mistake to drag Baby M along. Guilt made us do it. The day seemed much longer than 8 hours.

Thursday was clear during the day. WOW! However, the evening was consumed by a 4-hour council meeting in the evening. Friday and Saturday were gelato-churning days. Sunday, Baby M was a monster in church. 'Nuff said.

Today will be my first day solo at the paper. By tomorrow, I'll have a better idea if I can edit and lay out an 8-page weekly on my own.

Sorry for the long, boring update. That's my last two weeks...full of activity and emergency, but with little progress in writing or publishing. That's what happens when you live life. Life gets messy. It gets sidetracked and makes you take crazy detours. When you see the sun shining on your two-year-old's hair, though, it somehow all becomes worth it.

Happy Monday!

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Laura M. Campbell said...

I've been crazy busy this month as well. I'm taking two online writing classes and participating in a blogging challenge. I write almost every day, but my blog reading has been neglected. I feel bad because I've grown accustomed to reading specific blogs, but the time just seems to slip away. I can't wait to hear how your first solo week went!