Sunday, April 03, 2011

Monday Update -- 4/4/11

Yes, I'm a day early this week. In view of this Monday's crazy schedule, though, I thought I should get this out while I can.

An hour or two after posting last week's Monday update, I got a call from the newspaper where I'd dropped off my resume. After a short interview that afternoon, I left having been hired as the Heppner Gazette-Times' new part-time news editor. Tomorrow is my first day. How it goes will have to wait for next Monday's update.

According to the paper's owner, David Sykes, the position has less to do with writing than line editing and layout. That's fine, though. It gets me back in the workplace. I get to earn money and keep design skills I may otherwise have lost over time. Most importantly, the knowledge that I have to be away from home two days a week has already made me value my time at home more...both for freelance work and for spending time with my daughter.

Part of the proof of this is that I got off my duff and got my Woman's World short story in the mail. High time I got something else out there! Now I have to wait "one to six months" to see if I made the cut. It might be a bit much to expect my first time querying them, but it would sure be nice!

I didn't write much this week. I did manage a very short post for Lessons from the Shadowland in time for my April 1 deadline. I also did some editing and pulled an excerpt from my NIP to share with the writer's groups on Tuesday. That's if I get there. I went last week, but with Baby M in tow. She calmed down toward the end, but I don't think I'll try it again. No babysitter, no writer's group.

I also spent some time uncovering the desk in my office/toddler's room. While not directly related to writing, a cleaner writing space will surely be more conducive to productivity. The room needs more work, but I'm feeling proud of myself for finding the desktop.

Otherwise, I have a busy week ahead: Two days of work, one Bible study, writer's group, a dentist appointment, an ultrasound and, somewhere in there, a couple of visits with an old friend who's in town for the week. Writing? Hmmm...

I think that's it for this first Monday in April. Happy Monday and happy writing!


Laura M. Campbell said...

A busy woman. Phew! I got tired just reading your to-do list. I got the brilliant idea to participate in a blogging challenge. The challenge requires you to write everyday, except Sunday, and each day should start with a letter of the alphabet in order. E posted today (Wednesday). I hope it will push me to write every day, and start a writing routine I'm desperately looking for. I look forward to hearing about the new job next Monday.

Andrea said...

Laura, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this comment! I hope my most recent update explains part of that delay.

I, too, am in search of a new writing routine, but I think it's going to have to wait until I have a grasp on this new job. This week's work kicked my butt, but hard! I'll do my best, though, to pop over and check out those blog challenge posts.